Our Pollen Extracts

All flowering plants produce pollen for their reproduction. They contain e.g. proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and phytosterols.  The pollen extraction method was first developed in Sweden in the 1950s following the theory of beneficial health-effects of pollen intake.

Species-specific pollen

Pollen used for making Allergon Pollen Extracts is species-specific pollen from cultivated plants collected under controlled conditions in order to ensure batch-to-batch consistency and safety. Extracts are made from well-defined mixes of species-specific pollen. Our control and management of the entire manufacturing process enable us to continue to produce large quantities while ensuring the same high standard and quality, year after year.

Made in Sweden

Our Pollen Extracts are manufactured using standardized pollen blends, predominantly utilizing Secale cereale (Rye). The majority of our manufacturing processes take place at our headquarter, and centre of expertise, in Sweden. The final processing and quality control are always performed on-site.

According to cGMP and API regulations

Our pollen extracts strictly follow the regulations for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) that are contained in healthcare products sold, for example, as tablets or in powder form. We work according to cGMP, and the manufacturing adheres to the current regulatory framework for manufacturing of APIs. Our site is audited by the Swedish Medical Products Agency, and Thermo Fisher Scientific internal audit teams as well as by our customers on a regular basis. In addition, we are certified according to the ISO9001:2015 standard.

Quick facts

  • Standardized, species-specific pollen blends
  • Major component Secale sereale
  • Pollen extract available as ingredient or as formulated tablet

Food supplements and pharmaceuticals require standardized, well characterized ingredients. We supply the industry with high-quality, species-specific Pollen Extracts.