Our Process

Allergon Pollen Extracts are used as ingredients for food supplements and pharmaceuticals. Our standard operating procedures ensure a consistent manufacturing quality.

After seed control the seeds are sown, cultivated and harvested. We mechanically harvest our pollen source materials, closely monitoring pollen quality. The plants are collected, and pure pollen is derived and quality controlled. Premium quality pollen is used for extraction, and quality control of the extract takes place before QA release and storage.

Step 1: Choice of seed and quality control

The first step in the production of Allergon pollen extract is the testing of seeds to establish identity, purity and germination percentage before using the seed. No genetically modified (GMO) species are used.

Step 2: Cultivation and land control

We cultivate land located near our headquarters in southern Sweden, offering prime conditions for the production of pollen. Allergon conforms to current Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) for medicinal plants. The optimal time for planting, largely determined by the weather, is planned in detail. The soil nutrients and quality of the land is monitored. The control of soil ensures that the use of pesticides can be kept to a minimum, and correct fertilization is maintained.

Step 3: Harvesting at the right time

Using our long-standing experience we determine when is the best time for harvesting pollen. The time window might be a short period of one day, or a few days. Harvesting takes place as close as possible to the point in time when it would be natural for the pollen to be dispersed. Should the plants be harvested too early, immature pollen grains with insufficient nutrient content are obtained and the batch would be unusable. Should the pollen grains already have left the plant, it would be too late and it will not be possible to harvest again until the next year.

Step 4: Careful extraction and spray-drying

We perform a controlled, standardized extraction process which separates the water-soluble, and fat-soluble components of the pollen content from the pollen shells in two steps. The water-soluble extract is mixed with a carrier substance and spray-dried into a powder. The fat-soluble extract is made into paste.

Step 5: Quality Control and Quality Assurance 

Each batch is tested according to its specifications and with regard to the stringent demands of Herbal Medicinal Products. In order for any batch to be released for sale, all parameters must match the levels stated in the specification. Certificate of Analysis is available with every Pollen Extract batch.

Quick facts

  • Certified by ISO9001:2015 standard
  • cGMP production
  • API-certified by the Swedish Medical Agency
  • Customer specific formulations