Our Services

We recognize that our products are critical for our customers, and ultimately for the well-being of the consumer of the food supplement or pharmaceutical. Due to the high complexity of our products and the high standard regulatory environment, we believe that working closely with our customers is a requirement for a successful business.

Our business model sets out to form partnerships with our industrial customers facilitating information flow and innovation, thereby increasing the value for both parties. Our wish is to be an integral part of our customers’ supply as well as the natural partner for product development and regulatory support.

Supply of non-forecasted demands

We understand the need for well-standardized Pollen Extracts in low volumes in the start-up phase of commercialization of consumer products. We strive to accommodate supply needs as far as possible, even for very low volumes and non-forecasted supply. However, due to the resources required and our scale of operation, we will not always be able to accommodate quick turnaround deliveries in these circumstances.